Millteksport - Audi S4 B9 Coming soon......20.03.2017 
Coming soon, full range of cat back and turbo back systems, sign up below to be kept informed of the latest developments on this new range from Milltek Sport
 Forge - Product Development - Guy Martin Twin turbo Transit01.02.2017 
"Karuäijä" Guy Martin + Forge Motorsport + Ford transit = Twin turbo, 3.5 V6 Transit

Kick out a thundering 650bhp .... average speed of 150.7mph across the length of the twisty, undulating Nevada Open Road Challenge, road course !!


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 Doc Power Oy - Perfect Pocket rocket 13.09.2016 
Ford Fiesta ST180 + Revo Technik OBD STG 1: 215hp, 370Nm, kierroksen rajoitin nousee 6800rpm:
0-60mph Vakiona: 7.25 sek vs. REVO STG 1 = 6.01 sek
0-100mph Vakiona: 17.05 sek vs. REVO STG 1 = 15.49 sek
30-70 mph Vakiona: 6.02 sek vs. REVO STG 1 = 5.29 sek
Driving a Revo STG 1 Ford Fiesta really puts a smile on your face, this is driving enjoyment at its best. A true hot hatch. With over twelve months of pre-release development including over 1000miles on the track and over 12000miles of testing across various regions on a number of vehicles, Revo software gives smooth and progressive power delivery; this car eats the road up in a way you wouldn’t expect yet is just as comfortable popping to the shops and driving around town. Peak performance increases don’t tell the full story, the power and torque improvements under the curve are significant, drivability is improved… this is the ST Ford should have released.

#Perfectpocketrocket #Spiritbluemetallic #REVOtechnik #GoPlay
 Doc Power Oy - Project Offroad delivery Van v.2.0 - 2.0TFSI 4-motion08.09.2016 
Isompaa 350g nuppia kouraa:

Seat Freetrack 2.0TFSI 4-motion v.2.0 - Paketti automme ehostus logia, voitte seurata ja kommentoida joko kuvaa klikkaamalla tai täällä :
 Prinssille uuet Gummit30.08.2016 
Das Bling-Bling aka Golden Mercedes-Benz AMG 65

#prinssilleuuetgummit #Fate #Gotbling-bling

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